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Website Design,
Development and Marketing 📈

Hi, I'm Valentina Kuznetsova, an SEO expert, digital marketing manager and web developer with over a decade of experience.
Let’s build your next great project together!

Education & Experience

SEO Specialist

I have 8 years of experience in a marketing agency, from a junior SEO specialist to the head of digital marketing.

This experience enables me to create websites and marketing campaigns that both users and Google will love!

Travel Marketing

With over 6 years of active experience in the travel and tourism industry, I specialize in helping tour companies attract new customers.

I love my Job!

Throughout my career, I have honed my skills in various digital marketing tools and continue to expand my expertise. If you have a unique project that doesn't fall within my listed services, please feel free to contact me via the contacts below!

About me

My name is Valentina Kuznetsova, and
I am a Digital Marketing Manager
SEO consulting | Digital Marketing | Web Development
  • 10+ years of SEO & Advertising experience. And it still feels interesting!
  • Marketing of products and brands with a focus on the travel segment.
  • Over 100 custom-built websites.
You can read more about my experience, skills, education, and much more in the PDF attached below:

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Custom Development, SEO Friendly Website, Responsive Website

Website Design and Development

I will create a professional, fully automated website for your business.

My Projects
Target Audience Research, Ad Content Creation, Campaign Optimization

Google & Social Ads

I will set up and manage your Google or Facebook Ads campaigns. The advertising will be based on your products/services and goals. You will get relevant and quality traffic only!
Keyword Research, Technical SEO, User Experience, Analytics

Custom-built SEO audit

I care deeply about helping businesses understand what their websites are lacking and what needs to be improved to drive traffic, leads, and sales.

I will provide you with a fully customized website audit report, that will not just include the SEO factors that should be improved, but the CTAs that you need to implement and any design issues that need to be fixed.

Conducted for all kinds of websites

Digital Marketing Strategy

My digital marketing strategy includes, depending on your needs: SEO, Social Media Marketing Strategy, Email Marketing Strategy, Advertising, and Content Strategy. I use only those methods that have a stable long-term effect (without fraud and spam).
Joomla, WP, Drupal, OpenCart

Web Support and Maintenance

Landing page development, setting up analytics, content update, solving problems, and much more!
$25 per hour

Strategy & Consultation

During the consultation, we'll discuss your ad campaign performance and optimization tactics, including placements, audiences, campaign management, ad creatives, and analytics.

Schedule an initial free consultation to ask questions, discuss details, and decide if it's a fit.

My Recent Work

Here are a few projects I've worked on recently.
Want to see more? Contact me.


This is a website for a company providing business services for foreigners in China. The website is available in two languages: English (EN) and Russian (RU).

Bogema Tour

Lightweight modern design with side menu. The company independently maintains its website using a website builder.

5 stars

A functional website for a tour operator based in Primorye. The website features an automatic translator in multiple languages, a calendar of tours and excursions, an online booking system, and more!

7 hills

The lightweight website based on a standard template.

Sunrise Tour

A full-screen website in a light style that represents the Sakhalin Region of Russia. This multilingual website offers content in Russian, English, Japanese, and Chinese.


Individual design, thousands of tours, regional subdomains, and a variety of additional functionalities.


Custom design with a significantly redesigned typical layout. The website is available in two languages: English (EN) and Russian (RU).

Continent Pskov

A website based on a standard template, adapted to the client's corporate identity.


Created an adaptive landing page for a car buying website, with user-friendly appraisal order forms and a detailed description of the process, optimized for mobile users


Developed the Enjoy-Kavkaz tourist portal for the North Caucasus, featuring direct contacts with service providers and hotels, a complex structure, multi-level menus, and numerous of elements.

PureTech Foods

A simple and clear corporate website for the Cellular Agriculture Startup.

More Roz

A landing page for a flower website, allowing clients to purchase flower gifts for loved ones. The website is available in two languages: Hebrew (HE) and Russian (RU).

Trip Caucasus

A comprehensive catalog of tours in 4 regions of the North Caucasus, with additional functionality for SEO promotion of the website.


Website migration from the ModX platform, design update, and responsive version creation.

Articool Tour

On the site, you can blog and add reviews without any restrictions.

Letuchiy Korabl

Your website can feature any design!

Albion Tour

Migrating the website from an outdated management system while preserving the design, URLs, content, and traffic.


The new site operated on a subdomain for a long time before being moved to the main domain.

Russkiy Gorod

The website was transferred from an outdated management system, with its design updated while preserving a recognizable corporate identity.

Nika Tver

You can install any additional modules and web widgets on the site.


  • Website Design & Development
  • Google & Social Media Advertising
  • Custom SEO Audits
  • Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Website Support & Maintenance
  • Strategy & Consultation

Steps for Completing Your Project

  • Discussion & Briefing
    Initial project discussion and completion of the project brief.
  • Offer & Agreement
    Submission of a commercial offer and signing of the contract.
  • Prepayment
    Initial payment to commence the project.
  • Project Development
    Working on the project according to the agreed-upon plan.
  • Review & Feedback
    Time for you to review the completed work and request any necessary adjustments.
  • Final Report & Post-Payment
    Submission of the final report and completion of the post-payment once the work is approved.

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